You and I use different types of images every day for different purposes. Most of the images that we are using are on social media networks like Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. True that we might not take notice of the differences in images that are transmitted on those social media networks but for image professionals, images play a great role. So, today we have brought you many interesting facts about a great image format which is known as WebP 2020!


What is WebP 2020?

As previously mentioned, there are different forms of images on the web. However, usually PNG, JPG, GIF are mostly used and standardized image formats that are available on the web. Here, WebP can be introduced as one image format that was introduced quite recently into the web world which was created by Google Inc.

Talking more about WebP, Google’s main intention in creating a new image format while there are plenty of good and standard image formats was to create images with smaller sizes.

Even if you do not have any professional knowledge on image formats, you may have experienced that it is irritating to keep heavy images on smart devices as we all have very limited memory capacity. Thus, everyone likes to have images with more smaller in size yet rich in quality and WebP 2020 will be an ideal image format to create such sort of images!

Why WebP?

Comparing WebP 2020 with other image formats, JPG can display images with high details along with the multiple colors so that they will be best for photographs. Yet, JPG is often considered to have large image files that make users difficult to store JPG images than WebP.

Talking about the sizes, PNG images also can compress images into smaller sizes with a certain amount of good quality and transparency level yet, cannot compress images as much as WebP is capable of. WebP can compress images up to 26% smaller sizes than JPG and PNG can while having the potential in giving an original image quality and a good transparency level.

The reason behind this is the compression that WebP uses. Usually, JPG, PNG or GIF image formats use only one compression from lossy or lossless compression types. For example, PNG and JPEG use lossy image compression technology to create smaller size images. True that image sizes matter to users! Yet, what happens when you are using lossy compression is even the image gets smaller in size at the same time quality will also get decreased somewhat parallel to that. Yet, regarding WebP images, while using lossy image compression they also use lossless compression on the other hand so that they can maintain the quality of the image created.

Similarly, WebP images are also famous for having a great transparency level that JPG images do not possess. Therefore, they can be successfully used to create web logos and another branding which will be an asset for web developers and digital marketing workers!

So, this is the reason why WebP has become much more famous among most of the web developers and digital marketers!

Are you still using the same old image formats? Do not worry you are not too late to change your images into WebP as there are a bunch of good image converters that will convert any type of image into WebP!

So, have fun with WebP images!

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