Magisk Manager

Finding a smart tool for rooting your Android phone or tablet would be difficult. It is because after rooting your phone, you might not be able to use some applications as usual such as banking applications. Do you know this amazing tool Magisk Manager can help you in such situations by hiding the root from your device? So, keep reading and you will get to know more about installing Magisk Manager to root your Android phone.

magisk manager

magisk manager

What Does Rooting A Device Mean?

As mentioned above, is an amazing tool that you can use to root your Android device. Sometimes, you might think about what rooting is. Rooting a phone or tablet is taking the access to modify the software code of your device. It means by rooting your device, you can install innovative software that manufacturer usually doesn’t allow you to install. Simply, rooting a device means overcoming the limitations that has set by the hardware manufacturer. Therefore, in this process of rooting your Android device, Magisk Manager acts a special and a splendid role by giving you a number of innovative features that you can’t get through other rooting tools.

What Is Magisk?

There might be a question with you as what Magisk is? Magisk is an innovative tool that you can use in rooting your Android device. This tool is also known as a systemless tool that modifies the boot partition without changing the system partition. This amazing rooting tool has developed by Topjohnwu. The main feature of Magisk is, it helps you in replacing your Android system application, and therefore you can customize your phone by downloading specialized software and applications that are inaccessible for normal Android device. Therefore, this tool helps you in altering your Android system systemless-ly. You can make your Android phone faster than never and this innovative software enhances the sound quality of your phone. So, Magisk will carry the best performance for your Android phone.

What Is Magisk Manager?

You can make your Android phone with full of innovative performance by rooting it. However, rooting may affect negatively when using certain applications because some applications don’t run when your device is on active root permission. For an example, banking applications don’t work in rooted phones. Therefore, to use those applications, you have to unroot your device. However, rooting and unrooting your device will take some time. Thus, you may think that rooting your Android device would make your phone difficult in using in urgent times. However, Magisk Manager has developed by Topjohnwu to fill that void. It is because Magisk Manager hides the root from your device automatically by giving you the access to use those apps that don’t run in rooted phones. Therefore, this smart rooting tool is user- friendly in every way.

Also, this amazing tool has a downloading section. Through this section you can download Magisk modules in order to optimize your device with the best performance. These modules add additional features for your device. Also, via this amazing tool you can install Xposed Framework too.

Another best feature of this tool is it helps you to download any file with its latest version. Download any file through Magisk manager. You will notice that all those files are in its latest version.

This rooting tool can be downloaded and installed in any rooted or unrooted Android device. If you have a non- rooted device, you can root it by installing Magisk.

Features of Magisk Manager

Is Magisk Manager Free?

What is most interesting is Topjohnwu is giving all these incredible features for free. Therefore, you can download and install Magisk Manager without paying a single dollar. So, wouldn’t it be interesting to get the most user-friendly rooting tool for free?

Download Magisk Manager

Step 1 – Download Magisk Manager on your Android device.

Step 2- Install it. If you get warnings, go to Settings > enable “Unknown source”.

Step 3- Now, try to install the application. After installing it, open the application.

Step 4- Grant the root permission if you have already installed SuperSu.

Step 5- Now click on Install. It will ask the method of installing. Click on direct Install if you want to install it without using custom recovery on your phone. Or you can click on download zip only.

Step 6- Now, Magisk Manager will install on your phone. If you have selected download zip only, it will ask you to reboot your device. Reboot your device and open the Magisk Manager application.

Downloading Magisk Manager Step By Step For Non-rooted Phones

Step 1 - Backup your information.

Step 2 - Download and install Magisk on your device.

Step 3 - Save it in the internal storage.

Step 4 - Click on “Install” in the TWRP.

Step 5 - Navigate the Magisk zip file on your SD card or on your internal storage.

Step 6 - Now install the zip file. It will take some time.

Step 7 - Reboot your device and check whether it works on your phone.

Step 8 - Download Magisk Manager.

Step 10 - Install the application by following the above procedure.