SuperSU Pro Android P

Android Root has become one of the most famous things among Android users and in the past few years, more than 2 million Android users have Rooted their devices for different purposes as well. Back in the days Rooting was a difficult task and despite the good outcomes of Root, most people ignored Android Root as it was a risky process. Anyhow with the developments of latest technologies today there are so many easy and safe ways to Root almost any version of Android easily.

SuperSU Pro Android P

SuperSU Pro is also one of the well known Android Root tool developed by Chainfire coding code one of the senior members of Xda team. Since the date of release, SuperSU has released the number of new versions and here we going to give you the latest update of SuperSU Pro Android P. According to Google Android P will be their next upcoming update and you can download SuperSU Pro Android P from our download section below.

Android Root in Brief

As Android users, we all love Android and the functions of Android as well. But what if I say there is a way to enhanced those functions with a simple code change? Sounds great right? So Android Root is a process which allows you to go beyond the default features of Android by going through the limitations and restrictions of your device OS. Android Root is 100% legal and as I mentioned above there are so many professional Root developers who developed amazing fast and easy ways to Root different versions of Android as well. In that case, if you willing to make a real change in your default Android, you must download one of those rooting tools first.

About SuperSU Pro

SuperSU Pro is known as one of the best ways to Root any version of Android and you can also enable superuser privileges with the help of this amazing tool easily. You can also manage your superuser access with the help SuperSU Pro and because of the reasons like this, Android users used to use thing tool since the day Chainfire release SuperSU Pro as well.

Advantages of SuperSU Pro Android P

SuperSU Pro Android P is the upcoming versions of SuperSU. There are so many advantages of using this amazing tool on your Android device and I have mentioned some them below.

Top 10 Features of SuperSU Pro Android P

  1. OTA Survival mode.
  2. Completely Unroot.
  3. PIN Protection.
  4. Wake on prompt
  5. Temporary and permanent unroot.
  6. Superuser access notifications.
  7. Superuser access login
  8. Superuser access prompt
  9. Theme selection with 4 options
  10. Deep process detection

Safety Notes for Users

So before you going to root your device, you must consider these facts for your own safeness.