The Utility of SuperSU Pro Oreo, Root the Latest Version of Android

Here is how you could use SuperSu Pro Oreo, with the latest version of Android. In the article, the main focus is going to be the Android Oreo as well as the SuperSu Pro. The Android Oreo is the latest version of the Android operating systems and if you want to get it on to your device after rooting your device; you will have to use SuperSu Pro. The SuperSu Pro will allow you to get the Android Oreo.

supersu oreo

SuperSu Pro Oreo is a helper for rooting devices. SuperSu Pro is one of the safest solutions to root your device. Other than SuperSu Pro Oreo some of the other devices that help you in rooting devices are the Chainfire and Magisk. When you are using SuperSu Pro on your Android device, there is one requirement that you should fulfill in advance, which is to have a TWRP installed on your device. TWRP is a going to help you with custom recovery.

The article will, later on, show you how you could use SuperSu Pro Oreo rooting.

What is Android Oreo?

Before moving on to the article, it will be necessary that you learn about Android Oreo. What is Android Oreo and why are Android fans waiting to get it on their devices. The name Android Oreo itself suggests that Oreo has something to do with Android. Well, Android Oreo is the latest from Android, and it is one of the sweetest versions released by the Android. Whenever people hear that a new Android version is released, they look for ways where they could get the latest version by rooting their device. So, the article talks about how to use SuperSu Pro Oreo. SuperSu Pro is going to root your device and help you get Android’s latest version. Let us see how this SuperSu Pro Oreo version is going to work with the latest Android version.

Getting Started of SuperSU Pro Oreo

The first step is that you have to get the SuperSu Pro zip file on your device and then you will have to transfer the SuperSu zip file that you have downloaded to your device storage. The next step is that you have boot your device so that it gets into the TWRP recovery. Well, after you have done these steps, here is what you have to do. You will have to click on install as the next step and then select the zip file of SuperSu and then transfer the file to your device. Next, you will have to swipe and then confirm flash which is on the bottom of the screen and then finally you will have to start the flashing process. Once, you get the SuperSu Pro flashed; you will get an option that asks you whether you want to reboot your device. Select that option and wait few minutes until the process is completed.

Without SuperSu Pro, you could even try Magisk to help you in rooting your device. The methods of rooting your device using Magisk is also shown below. The steps are given so that you could use Magisk if SuperSu Pro Oreo is not supportive.

SuperSu Pro Oreo root using Magisk?

supersu pro oreo

Here is how you could start the process. First, you will have to get the Magisk zip folder downloaded and then the Magisk APK file as well. After that, you will have to boot your device into the TWRP recovery. The next step is then that you tap on the install option and then select the Magisk Installer Zip file that you have already saved on your phone. Okay, the next is to swipe to confirm flash. Once the Magisk is flashed, you will have to approve the reboot your device option. Once the device reboots, you will have to open a file explorer and look for the folder where Magisk Manager APK file is placed, and then you will have to tap on the APK File and get it installed. Now, it is time for you to open the Magisk Manager to check whether everything has been installed correctly. Here you go!

Both SuperSu Pro Oreo root and Magisk are helpers of rooting your device to get the latest version of Android which is the Android Oreo. Give one of these helpers a try if you are eagerly waiting to get Android Oreo onto your device.

More on Android Oreo

Just after Android Oreo was released, it also became available for the Google Pixel and Nexus devices. As soon as this update was released, people want to get it so badly. However, since the OTA update was not working well, the Android developers had to take the next turn which was to introduce both SuperSu Pro and Magisk to root devices and get the Android latest version.

The only requirements to use SuperSu Pro with Android Oreo is that you just need an unlocked bootloader as well as a custom restoration installed on your device previously.

Briefing SuperSu Pro Oreo

If you want SuperSuPro to work, you will have to get the SuperSu already installed. What happens when you have SuperSu Pro is that some features unique to the SuperSu Pro get added to the normal SuperSu Oreo. For example, some of the features that are added are the OTA survival mode and a full color-coded command content logging. You will also see that a pin protection is added. Therefore, you know that SuperSu Pro is not just a standalone app, but it needs support from the SuperSu. The supers Pro grants access to root privileges allowing you access to any of the places that you most need. It will also keep track of the apps that you have already given permission. The SuperSu comes with an access prompt allowing you to get other apps once your device is rooted. The SuperSu Pro Oreo offers additional advanced features.


If you are willing to get the latest version of Android, then it is time to try the SuperSu Pro Oreo. You will be able to get the Android Oreo with SuperSu successfully.