SuperSU Zip

Introduction for SuperSU Zip

Android devices are the most popular mobile operating system right now. Right now this mobile operating system is using by over millions of users to their day today activities. With the Android devices, one term become much common among the all Android users, that is Android rooting. This is the only process which gives the full access of the Android device into the hand of the users. Moreover for this process users must have to use a tool to complete this tasks, right now there are number of rooting tools available in the Android market and SuperSU Zip is the best ever file type for this process right now.

SuperSu Zip

What is Android?

Android is a Linux based operating system which is using by over billions of users. This is the best ever mobile operating system for mobile devices, tablets and other kind of electric equipments. Right now this Android community become much developed and released number of amazing Android versions to the public. The 1st Android version is released to the public in 2003, Android operating system is updating day by day right now the 9th generation of Android family was also released to the public at this moment. If the Android device get trouble with the work the only option is to root the Android device.

What is Android Rooting?

Android rooting process is like opening the Android device into a vast range. Right now this process is mainly use by the users who doesn’t like to work in a frame. After the complete root process the SuperUser Access and privileges are come to the Android device. With the help of those privileges any user can easily get in touch with the deep of the Android device, moreover the full access of the Android device is in the hand of the user. This is much equivalent to the running programs as administrators in Windows, or running a command with Sudo in Linux. Moreover after the complete rooting process user can easily do any kind of third party activity on the Android device. After the complete rooting process any user can gain lots of benefits right now. Among them, increase the performance of the Android device, installation of custom themes, much improve in the battery life, uninstallation process of default applications and installation of third party applications to the Android device.

Right now there are thousands of Android devices are available in the Android market, sometimes the rooting process is differ from each other. For a complete rooting process users must have to use a tool for this process. Right now SuperSU Zip can be named as the best ever rooting tool for this complex process.

What is SuperSU Zip?

As a result of hard experiment of Chainfire team the great SuperSU Zip rooting tool come to the public right now. SuperSU Zip is the most trusted tool and most popular tool in the Android community. Right now this tool is using by over millions of users to take the maximum use of the Android rooting process. This is not just only a single rooting tool. Simply this tool can be named as the best SuperUser Access Management tool in the future. This tool can be named as the best and most user friendly Android rooting tool in the public right now. This tool now in the ultimate level and this tool become the most tactful rooting tool in the public, because of the amazing performance of the tool.

More about SuperSU Zip

The latest version of SuperSU Zip 2.82 is now in the public and this is the stable version of this tool. This is now in the public for the download. Recent times the chainfire team released some beta version of this tool as service release. But in this time some beta versions are released to the public as 2.76 and 2.77. The SuperSU Zip always needs a rooted Android device. Because this is the best SuperUser Access Management tool which manages and allows for advanced management of Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device that need root.

Some Amazing Features of SuperSU Zip.

Right now there are number of amazing features are includes in the SuperSU Zip tool. With the help of these amazing features any user can easily get the real meaning of this tool.

What is SuperSU Apk?

SuperSU has two kinds of file types as SuperSU Apk and SuperSU Zip. When pint to the SuperSU Apk this is more matched for the beginners. Moreover the Apk installation is for the rooted devices and users must have to install CWM/TWRP recovery mode for the unrooted devices. SuperSU Recovery mode Need to unlock the phone with bootloader and support flashing CWM recovery.

Pre requirements before using SuperSU Zip

Before starting use SuperSU Zip tool user must have to unlock the bootloader of the Android device. This is complete user friendly tasks. User just need to use the tool fastboot for this. Follow the below steps to complete the process.

1. As the first step user just need to download and install the fastboot tool your PC. After that connect your Android device into the PC via USB cable.

2. Now use the below commands to bot your device.

3. Now check the list of the devices which are connected using this following command.

4. Now your device is in the bootloader mode. Any user can use the following commands to unlock the bootloader.

5. Now the process is over user just need to reboot the device now. Use this following commands to do this process.

Now the process is over. Now the bootloader of the Android device is already unlocked.

Steps to start the Android rooting process via SuperSU Zip

Changelogs of SuperSU Zip 2.82

01.10.2017 – v2.82 – SR5 –

  • suinit: Fix (flashed) TWRP 3.1.1 compatibility on Pixel (XL)
  • FBE: allow FBE devices to boot unencrypted (unless KEEPFORCEENCRYPT is set)

18.09.2017 – v2.82 – SR4 –

  • ZIP: Fix an incompatibilty with CFAR
  • ZIP: Fix slot detection breaking if no /vendor present
  • ZIP: If unmounting fails, retry lazily
  • sukernel: Fstab patch: fix case where verify removal could break slotselect
  • sukernel: Adjust system_root cpio import
  • sukernel: Detect and use stock boot image backups created by other tools
  • supolicy: Add some Oreo policies
  • suinit: Fix boot case where bootloader unexpectedly doesn’t enforce dm-verity

13.08.2017 – v2.82 – SR3 –

  • sukernel: Fix external sdcard issue on Samsung devices running custom ROMs
  • launch_daemonsu: Abort if su binaries missing
  • ZIP: Fix FlashFire compatibility in SBIN mode
  • SBIN: Add /sbin/supersu/bin and /sbin/supersu/xbin to PATH (root shells only)
  • SBIN: Fix policies for /sbin-based services
  • SBIN: Fix /sbin-based symlinks not always properly resolving
  • ZIP: Add support for bzip2/lz4/lzo/lzma/xz compressed kernels and ramdisks (lz4 @ 1.5.0 format)

08.08.2017 – v2.82 – SR2 –

  • ZIP: Support order-swapped /etc/recovery.fstab
  • ZIP: Cope with /system being a symlink to /system_root/system
  • suinit: Fix remount /system r/w issue on Pixel(XL)+OPreview
  • sukernel: Fix pre-patched ramdisk detection for reduced system_root footprint
  • ZIP+suinit: Fix recovery going to ramdump on Pixel(XL)
  • Added “BIND SBIN” mode, mounts files in /sbin instead of /su, stores files directly
  • in /data instead of su.img (new default for O+)
  • – Systemless: all file contexts are restored at boot, see
  • /path/to/su/mount/file_contexts

Developer Credits

We are so grateful for the team chainfire for developing this SuperSU Zip tool into the next level. Also our gratitude goes to the XDA Forum for sharing the valuable details. And big thanks for the both parties.